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How Australian Homeowners are Leveraging Tax Laws to Redirect Up to 50% of Their Tax Dollars into Paying Down Their Homes in 7-10 Years.

From: National Wealth Advisory

By Greg Morris - 03/07/2022

Thousands of financially savvy homeowners are saving up to 50% of their tax, by redirecting it back into their home loan to eliminate mortgage debt in under 10 years, building true wealth & securing their retirement.

Only 5% of Australian’s have stopped to think about what I’m about to say, even less take action.

According to the ATO, if you earn $100,000 p.a. then you will pay close to $25,000 in tax - think about that - that’s roughly a quarter of your income.

If you earn $150,000, then you're paying $42,997

That's 28% of your income - almost a third of your income going straight into the governments pockets.

That means when you go to work, you are working Monday AND most of Tuesday just to pay the Government.

That only leaves Wednesday to Friday for you to earn YOUR money.

Not ideal... right?

The good news is we can show you a way to pay a lot less tax, even no tax, legally…

Greg Morris | Director

Most homeowners aren't even aware this strategy exists until they hit retirement.

By then it's too late.

Until they get out of debt faster, build real wealth, and accumulate assets that can be funded by redirecting tax dollars, they’ll always be overworking and missing out on life.

It’s unfortunate, but we hear it from people all the time – there never seems to be enough money at the end of the month and you’re frustrated you can’t upgrade to the home your spouse really wants, the nice new car, or that overseas holiday which is long overdue.

Have you ever wondered why the rich seem to be getting richer?

While many people are stressing about not having enough money for retirement, or being able to leave anything for their children. The rich are using the tax incentives available to all Australians.

Remember there aren’t two different systems for the rich & the poor. There’s simply those who use it, and those that don’t.

The good news is, you’ve got access to the exact same opportunities & Government tax incentives.

Where you can pay up to 50% less tax (even no tax) legally, through Australian Government Tax Incentives?

NWA have put together a 60 second quiz to let you know if you qualify to save up to 50% of your income tax, which can be used to pay down debt, including mortgage debt.

These tax savings can be used to pay off your home in as little as 7 years NOT 25+ years.

Plus, coupled with the right investment strategy, you can even redirect your income tax towards building an impressive property portfolio. This is where your wealth really starts to accumulate.

Now it’s your turn.

In order for National Wealth Advisory's tax strategies to work, you should have a combined household income of at least $100,000 and own a home with a LVR (Loan-to-Value Ratio) of less than 80%, you can get started today by heading over to the NWA website to see if you qualify.

Select your State to check if you can save on income tax:

Over 1.3 Million Australia’s enjoy the benefits of these tax savings – Now you can join them…

Most of them are normal every-day people — just like you.

Let us show you how you can finally get the taxman off your back and start redirecting those tax payments towards debt reduction strategies which will help you build your wealth so much faster.

Imagine how you’d feel knowing you are debt free, and have enough money to go on those overseas holidays you really want to go on.

Being able to throw away those “leg-chains” once you pay off your mortgage in as little as seven years.

Yes, it is possible. We have helped hundreds of people just like you do it. The first step is to take the National Wealth Advisory Quiz to see if you qualify to save up to 50% of your income tax through these Australian Government Tax Incentives, which can then be used to pay down debt, including mortgage debt.

* Should you have any queries in relation to any aspect of the information or services please do not hesitate to contact us. please note we value your privacy, any information you send to us will never be sold, traded or given to a third-party. The information is of a general nature only. National Wealth Advisory (NWA) recommends that you obtain your own independent professional advice before making any decision in relation to your particular requirements or circumstances. National Wealth Advisory (NWA) is a privately owned company and do not provide tax advice on behalf of the Australian tax office.

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